3 Jan

Los Angeles band Warpaint have received much hype in the past few months, and rightly so. Their debut album “The Fool” was one of my christmas presents as I was immediately lured in by their lead single “Undertow”, and the rest of the album did not disappoint. The tender vocals are backed by electronics, guitars and drums which provide an interesting, contrasting combination. Warpaint have been written about as a “girl band” for the new generation, however I’m sure that the band themselves would find this slightly insulting as their music is on a much deeper level than this, and they deserve much more credibility. “The Fool”‘s highlights for me are the songs “Bees” and “shadows”. These are two very different songs but show the diversity of the album, and the band’s skills for different styles of music, ranging from acoustic and emotional, to dark but toe-tapping that Karen O (yeah yeah yeahs) would be proud of. Following in the footsteps of previous girl groups such as Le Tigre and The Like, Warpaint are definitely ones to watch this year and are fully deserving of the hype they have been receiving lately.

http://www.zshare.net/download/84705529f46b9c7a/ – Bees


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